Monday, 13 November 2017

Year five camp

                     Year five Camp!

Who: Year fives Brightwater school

When: November 6th - November 11th

Where: Marahau outdoor education centre
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Why: I don't really know why

What: On the first day we got told our cabin and who's in them with you.
While we were at camp we got heaps of free time so most of the people were playing cards or reading or doing other stuff.
Image result for prizeWe had our own teams and the winning team get's their prize today I think.

There were heaps of different teams like The Unknown Smurfs, The Happy Campers ( they made their own t-shirts),
The Rebels,The Beach Balls and my team was The Screaming Unicorns. Richard De Hamel came to talk to us about fishing and we got to go fishing or build a shelter or make a trap or start a fire.
We spent most of the day with him then after afternoon tea he did a puppet show for us. It was about a fish talking to a scallop eating plankton then a starfish wanted to eat the scallop but he got away, then the fish was talking to crab and a octopus came and tryed to eat the crab but he got away. Anyway I'm not going to talk about the other days apart from Thursday and Friday and the activities that we did because they were so fun. The activities were orienteering, making damper, observational drawing, kayaking and paddle boarding. On Thursday we went on a boat and went to Adele island, Split apple rock and apple tree bay were we went on the 2 hour walk back to camp. On Friday we roasted marshmallows and played spotlight. 
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                                                                  The End

Monday, 30 October 2017

How to make a chocolate bar card
Watch Milli make the coolest card ever for her brothers birthday.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Most costume changes in 1-minute

Most costume changes in 1-minute

Malaysian magicians achieved spellbinding costume change illusions record in Penang. This attempt saw the duo achieve 24 costume change illusions – that’s two and a half different outfits a second! 

Monday, 18 September 2017

Pink dolphin spotted in Louisiana

Pink dolphin spotted in Louisiana

September 14, 2017
A rare pink dolphin has been spotted in a Louisiana ship channel.
Bridget Boudreaux was on a boat cruise with her husband in the Calcasieu Ship Channel when she saw a group of dolphins swimming and playing in the water, two of which were pink.
“I about fell out the boat,” she said. “I was like, wow, that’s not a regular dolphin, that’s a pink dolphin.”
Louisiana is no stranger to pink dolphins. Two years ago, a pink bottle-nosed dolphin, locally known as “pinky”, was spotted by Captain Eric Rue, who runs a chartered boat service on the Calcasieu River.
He first spotted the dolphin 10 years ago when she was a baby, but when she appeared again in 2015 Captain Rue thought she could be pregnant.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Massive earthquake hits Mexico

Massive earthquake hits Mexico

September 10, 2017
The death toll has risen to at least 58 after a massive earthquake hit Mexico.
The 8.1 magnitude quake late on Thursday (local time) was stronger than a devastating 1985 temblor that flattened swathes of Mexico City and killed thousands.
Damage to the city was limited as the quake was deeper and further from the capital.
Elsewhere in the country, the quake tore through buildings, forced mass evacuations and triggered alerts as far away as Southeast Asia.
The southern town of Juchitan in Oaxaca state, near the epicenter, was hit particularly hard, with sections of the town hall, a hotel, a bar and other buildings reduced to rubble.
Thousands of people in coastal areas were evacuated as a precaution when the quake sparked tsunami warnings.
Waves rose as high as 0.7m in Mexico, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said, though that threat passed.

Monday, 4 September 2017


Do you think paper can cut wood? Impossible! Maybe not. Check out this video to find out how.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Four options for Christchurch stadium

Four options for Christchurch stadium

Four plans have been revealed for what Christchurch’s new stadium could look like.
Lancaster Park was damaged beyond repair in the 2011 earthquake and the uncovered AMI stadium isn’t up to standard as a temporary replacement.
Mayor Lianne Dalziel said “It’s at the end of its natural life. It’s running on now borrowed time.”
A proposal has been put together which offers four options for the region. However, the council has said that it can only afford to pay for half of it.
The report looked at four options:
Option One:25,000 seats
5,000 temporary seats
80% roof cover
Option Two:
25,000 seats
5,000 temporary seats
Forsyth Barr Stadium-type roof
Option Three:
25,000 seats
5,000 temporary seats
Full solid roof
Retractable pitch
Option Four:
30,000 seats
5,000 temporary seats
Full solid roof
Retractable pitch